Saturday, February 4, 2012

Our Loss of Tradition

In recent years a cultural war has been taking place in Australia often unnoticed to the general population, this war has been fought between traditionalists and that group who like to style themselves progressives. Now progressives unfortunately arn't always sure why they are opposing the traditions that have stood us in good sted often since the early years of white settlement of our continent usually presenting tired cliches about the modern world and the need for change,  But  being the ideologues that they are they believe that any change must be good  often even when the evidence blatantly points to the contrary or just simply would have no impact what so ever an excellent example of change for changes sake . Now traditionalists are always stereotyped by the progressives as the old fogey character longing for the certainty of yesterday frightened of the modern world. However the facts couldnt be further from the truth, traditionalists are neither stuck in the past nor frightened of the future they simply have the common sense to know that human beings throughout the world have always had traditions and rituals as the bedrock of their society, even whilst at the forefront of modern living. These traditions and rituals keep us in touch with where we came from, subtle reminders of the past whilst dealing with the issues of the day. Traditions also sometimes have a more purposeful objective lending dignity to events that otherwise would not in themselves seem of importance or as an example in  our courts  the robes and wigs whilst an anachronism to some, actually serve to give those wearing them a sense of authority(so often labelled by progressives as intimidation) thus assisting them to perform their duties and with the respect their office deserves.
What is certain is that the culture war will continue and progressives will continue to seek to minimalise or destroy what traditions and rituals we have here in a country where the phrase "we dont have many traditions" is all to often uttered. And it is up to us the traditionalists to be vigilant.

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